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Official confirmed update.
475 On Board
6 Dead (3 male student, 2 female students, 1 female crew member)
179 Rescued
290 Unaccounted/Missing

I am CONSTANTLY updating this post currently as the toll was changing rapidly…
Please stay updated.



The many faces of Kim Himchan



Happy Birthday, Kim Himchan! {140419}
aka the cutest little troublemaker ever.


I couldn’t ask for a more special person in my life, Happy Birthday Kim Himchan, We love you!


Countdown to Himchan’s birthdayDay 0  Happy Birthday to my favorite visual, Kim Himchan! 

I just want to say that I love you just the way you are, and that you shouldn’t self-reflect on yourself so hard. Us babyz love you and support you and although there are people out there who will bring you down, always remember that we’ll be there to bring you back up. You’re perfect despite any flaws that you could possibly have. Don’t ever change no matter what anyone else says and remember that we will always love you. 


You see, I majored in traditional Korean music. I used to perform a lot and once performed for foreigners too. I think music itself is its own language. And I was very thankful to the foreigners who accepted that music is a universal language .I think that’s what got me to like music more. It’s something we can all agree on.





To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

This is so great

This man. Ha, yes.

watch the video, this is amazing, haha.


무나현분배 한국 이슬람 사람이 아티스트입니다

Korean Muslim Artist Muna Hyunmin Bae



Aiba. Like a boss.





Animals Stealing Food [x]

Previously: Animals vs. Kids, Cats Giving High Fives

All the raccoon ones are so fucking funny.

Nawwww the wallaby. :(



[For more on social justice, follow me on Instagram: soulrevision]

Despite public outcry, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said Wednesday he will move forward with the felony child abuse prosecution of Shanesha Taylor, the jobless mom whose Scottsdale arrest has drawn national attention and prompted calls for Taylor to receive assistance rather than punishment. 

Attorney Bill Montgomery’s office received a petition on Tuesday with 12,000 signatures asking for Shanesha’s charges to be dropped. "First, they weren’t signatures; they were just a list of names," Montgomery said, referring to a printout from the website. "So I don’t know whether any of the individuals in their pajamas who logged on to the site and put their name on there really had a clue of all the circumstances involved in this particular case.

Apparently signatures aren’t good enough, let’s call County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s office & tell him to drop the charges against Shanesha Taylor —-> (602) 506-3411




An EXOSTAN died in the ferry accident and this was her last words to her sister

Guys, Girls…we lost a family.

Please pray that she will rest in peace. #prayforsouthkorea

#exo #exostans #pleaseread #imcrying #exok #exom #kpop #tragedy #sad #luhan #kai #chen #do #sehun #chanyeol #lay #baekhyun #suho #kris #tao #xiumin

This admin is FURIOUS because this does not make ANY sense in Korean and is CLEARLY fabricated fucking stop exploiting dead teenagers OH MY GOD.

-admin J